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2017 Police Awards

The Police Awards Luncheon was held on May 11, 2017 at the Hilton Hotel in Glendale.  Here are the award recipients:

Top Shooters

  1. BulletDetective Brian Young

  2. BulletDetective Donald Tucker

  3. BulletOfficer Matthew Bolton

No Second Chance Award

  1. BulletDetective Brian Young

  1. BulletCommunity Service Awards

  2. BulletKendall Montgomery

  3. BulletJordan Montgomery

  4. BulletEnmillas Padilla

  5. BulletMichael Anderson

  6. BulletGerman Mancilla

  7. BulletDaniel Quiruz

  8. BulletDaisy Murray

  9. BulletAndrea Aleman

  10. BulletTommy Mawhinney

  11. BulletRobert Hempel

  12. BulletMichael Rizzi

  13. BulletChristopher Faulkner

Divisional Awards

  1. BulletRecords Supervisor Gina Randolph

Distinguished Service Awards

  1. BulletOfficer William Torley

  2. BulletOfficer Patricia Gonzalez

  3. BulletAgent David Kellogg

  4. BulletAgent Keith Soboleski

  5. BulletSergeant Jeff Newton

  6. BulletDetective Jeff Davis

  7. BulletDetective Chris Krivak

  8. BulletDetective Petros Kmbikyan

  9. BulletDetective Donald Tucker

  10. BulletDNA Lab Supervisor Lisa Brewer

  11. BulletDNA Specialist Catherine Nguyen

  12. BulletSenior Forensic Specialist Julie Ott

Valor Award

  1. BulletSergeant Ben Bateman

  2. BulletOfficer Christopher Clay

  3. BulletOfficer Jimmy Mercado

  4. BulletOfficer Matthew Stafford

Life Saving Award

  1. BulletOfficer John Schmidt

  2. BulletOfficer Christopher Brewer

  3. BulletOfficer Jose Gutierrez

  4. BulletOfficer James Colvin

  5. BulletOfficer Emmanuel Flores

Volunteer of the Year

  1. BulletGloria Teper

Professional Staff Employee of the Year

  1. BulletPublic Safety Business Assistant Maria Calvento

Officer of the Year

  1. BulletSergeant Eric Webber

Chief’s Award of Excellence

  1. BulletSergeant Traci Fox

  2. BulletOfficer Javier Michel

  3. BulletLieutenant Oscar Rodriguez

  4. BulletSergeant Danny Fernandez

  5. BulletOfficer Joe Allen

  6. BulletOfficer Abe Chung

  7. BulletOfficer James Colvin

  8. BulletOfficer Bill Donley

  9. BulletOfficer Steve Koszis

  10. BulletOfficer Sue Shine-Carter

Glendale College Police Chief’s Award of Excellence

  1. BulletSergeant Samir Abou Rass

New Honor Guard Uniforms

Remember a year ago, the GPF and the Police Department were going to both chip in to by our fantastic honor guard new uniforms.  The new uniforms were designed and created, and they are on display--on our fantastic Honor Guard. The honor Guard formally showed their new look at the recent memorial service for survivors honoring the GPD officers who died in the line of duty.

Honor Guard Left to right: Ofc. K. Robinson, Ofc. V. Jackson,

Ofc. Emmanual Flores, Ofc. C. Brewster.

Glendale Police Officers’ Memorial Ceremony

On Tuesday, May 30, a large crowd gathered in the  Community Room of the Police Station to honor those officers who died in service to Glendale and their families. A solemn occasion, the Chief introduced and thanked the Lazzaretto Family, relatives of Charles Lazzaretto who was our last officer to die in the line of duty.  Chaplain Wong gave and invocation and the ceremony moved to the front stairs of the station.  There, the history of our four fallen officers were detailed individually, and a candle was lit for each of the officers. Pictures to come.

SWAT Takes the Cake Team

Our Glendale Police Department SWAT team performed extremely well in the Best of the West competition.The two-day competition, hosted by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department, offered 24 teams competing in seven separate events. Results:

1st Place: Overall            

1st Place:  Vehicle Assault

1st place: Sniper Team

1st place: Two-Man Assault

  3rd Place: Physical Challenge

  3rd Place: Top Gun

1st Place Individual Top Gun: Sgt. Toby Darby

Great Job!!!

K-9 Plaque

In the front lobby of the station, there is a statue and plaque commemorating our wonderful K-9 Unit.  The bronze dog statue stands in front of a poignant prayer about K-9 duties and the love of the dog for his or her officer.

The beautiful and poignant display was the brainchild of Girl Scout Brittany Lerian. Her father is a dog handler. Brittany has a passion for dogs.

After making contact with the Department and securing permission to work on the project, Brittany spent a year completing the project. She raised the funds, contacted vendors, and made the project happen. As a reward for her unique idea and hard work, she was awarded the Gold Award. This is the highest award for achievement  for a Girl Scout.