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2017 Police Awards

The Police Awards Luncheon was held on May 11, 2017 at the Hilton Hotel in Glendale.  Here are the award recipients:

Top Shooters

  1. BulletDetective Brian Young

  2. BulletDetective Donald Tucker

  3. BulletOfficer Matthew Bolton

No Second Chance Award

  1. BulletDetective Brian Young

  1. BulletCommunity Service Awards

  2. BulletKendall Montgomery

  3. BulletJordan Montgomery

  4. BulletEnmillas Padilla

  5. BulletMichael Anderson

  6. BulletGerman Mancilla

  7. BulletDaniel Quiruz

  8. BulletDaisy Murray

  9. BulletAndrea Aleman

  10. BulletTommy Mawhinney

  11. BulletRobert Hempel

  12. BulletMichael Rizzi

  13. BulletChristopher Faulkner

Divisional Awards

  1. BulletRecords Supervisor Gina Randolph

Distinguished Service Awards

  1. BulletOfficer William Torley

  2. BulletOfficer Patricia Gonzalez

  3. BulletAgent David Kellogg

  4. BulletAgent Keith Soboleski

  5. BulletSergeant Jeff Newton

  6. BulletDetective Jeff Davis

  7. BulletDetective Chris Krivak

  8. BulletDetective Petros Kmbikyan

  9. BulletDetective Donald Tucker

  10. BulletDNA Lab Supervisor Lisa Brewer

  11. BulletDNA Specialist Catherine Nguyen

  12. BulletSenior Forensic Specialist Julie Ott

Valor Award

  1. BulletSergeant Ben Bateman

  2. BulletOfficer Christopher Clay

  3. BulletOfficer Jimmy Mercado

  4. BulletOfficer Matthew Stafford

Life Saving Award

  1. BulletOfficer John Schmidt

  2. BulletOfficer Christopher Brewer

  3. BulletOfficer Jose Gutierrez

  4. BulletOfficer James Colvin

  5. BulletOfficer Emmanuel Flores

Volunteer of the Year

  1. BulletGloria Teper

Professional Staff Employee of the Year

  1. BulletPublic Safety Business Assistant Maria Calvento

Officer of the Year

  1. BulletSergeant Eric Webber

Chief’s Award of Excellence

  1. BulletSergeant Traci Fox

  2. BulletOfficer Javier Michel

  3. BulletLieutenant Oscar Rodriguez

  4. BulletSergeant Danny Fernandez

  5. BulletOfficer Joe Allen

  6. BulletOfficer Abe Chung

  7. BulletOfficer James Colvin

  8. BulletOfficer Bill Donley

  9. BulletOfficer Steve Koszis

  10. BulletOfficer Sue Shine-Carter

Glendale College Police Chief’s Award of Excellence

  1. BulletSergeant Samir Abou Rass

Law Enforcement Torch Run

The 2017 Law Enforcement Torch Run is fast approaching!  Our leg of this amazing journey will be on Wednesday, June 7, 2017.  We anticipate a 1326 hours torch handoff from Burbank PD and we will run with Special Athletes along the 5.5 mile route to handover to LAPD.  ALL employees and volunteers are welcome to join us for the Torch Run.  Sign-up form will be available soon. 

This nationwide event raised $1.7 million last year so that the Athletes pay nothing to train and participate in meaningful sports and team building. 

This year, we are able to pre-order shirts.  Anyone can purchase a shirt whether you participate or not. Just send your size and payment of $25.00 (cash or check made out to SOSC) to Ofc. Sue Shine (  before May 1st, and you can be a part of this annual tradition!

Museum is Coming to Life

The Glendale Police Department is proud to announce the building of the Glendale Police Museum. The Department shares a history with the City of Glendale that dates back to 1906. Over the 110 years, various items have been retained for historical value. Many spend the majority of their time in storage.

When the current police station was designed, it had space allotted for a museum. Budget issues caused that portion of the building to be delayed. The department  recently approved building the museum in the large lobby of the police station. The cost will be around $200,000. Costs will covered by donations from community stakeholders. Construction will begin in late spring of 2017.

What Will Be On Display?

The Museum will house:

  1. BulletMemorabilia,

  2. BulletCases of interest,

  3. BulletPhotos,

  4. BulletUniforms,

  5. BulletBadges,

  6. BulletAnd various equipment retained throughout the years.

  7. It will also encompass rotating seasonal displays, a scaled down version of our helicopter, a K9 display, and a Fallen Officer Memorial. The Museum will be open to the public free of charge (when the lobby is open). A secured portion will be available for scheduled tours.


The Glendale Police Foundation is responsible for raising funds. Donations stand at $138,000.

For donations (including Department memorabilia), contact Ofc .Teal Metts at 818-482-4681 or at All are 501(c)(3) tax deductible. An artistic donor wall is currently being designed and will have individual plaques for donations $1000 and above.