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Robert M. Castro, Chief of Police

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The Glendale Police Foundation provides funding to:

  1. Bullet  Support Glendale Police Department operations and promote public safety.

  2. Bullet   Strengthen community/police partnerships.

  3. Bullet   Encourage innovations.

  4. Bullet   Promote officer safety.

  5. Bullet   Recognize and honor heroism, valor, and outstanding achievements.

The FBI released a recent report naming Glendale one of the safest cities in the nation.  This doesn’t happen by magic. Each year, our Police Department is asked to do more for public safety with fewer officers and less funding. Result:  GPF provides the tools, training, technology and equipment that might otherwise go unfunded.

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Where We Are Now...News

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Ofc. Mike Woolner Receives Reward

New Officers to be Sworn in

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Officer Tyrone Hunter Jr. Retires

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Bike and Pedestrian Safety

Seeing more cars stopped BY Police lately? Your eyes aren’t deceiving you.  A couple of months ago they rolled out the new Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Program.  They’re focusing on locations where pedestrians and bike collisions (and violations) have happened. They’re looking for violations that drivers, bikers, and pedestrians make that lead to serious bodily harm.  This includes speeding, making illegal turns, failing to stop for signals, stop signs or pedestrians and the like.  Pedestrians will be cited for crossing the streets illegally or for failing to cede the right of way to vehicles who have the right of way.  Cyclists should be prepared to follow all the rules of the road drivers of vehicles do or face citations.

In the past three years, 13 people have died and 968  have been injured in collisions with pedestrians and cyclists in Glendale.
Baker to Vegas Relay Pictures
We come in second in our Division!
Chief Crosses Finish LineBaker_to_Vegas.html