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Robert M. Castro, Chief of Police


The Glendale Police Foundation provides funding to:

  1. Bullet  Support Glendale Police Department operations and promote public safety.

  2. Bullet   Strengthen community/police partnerships.

  3. Bullet   Encourage innovations.

  4. Bullet   Promote officer safety.

  5. Bullet   Recognize and honor heroism, valor, and outstanding achievements.

The FBI released a recent report naming Glendale one of the safest cities in the nation.  This doesn’t happen by magic. Each year, our Police Department is asked to do more for public safety with fewer officers and less funding. Result:  Your donations provide the tools, training, technology and equipment that might otherwise go unfunded. Together, we are keeping Glendale safe. Won’t you donate today?

911 Tribute

It probably wasn’t the largest 911 Tribute, but it was the earliest. And, for
that matter, maybe one of the smaller tributes. Patrol Groups A and B gathered on the front stairs of the station at precisely 6:45 am to honor the lives of the many law enforcement, fire and civilians lost in the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City.  Lt. Andrew Jenks spoke briefly about the first responders who ran into the tumbling building to save others, noting that courage was being terrified and still doing the  right thing. A moment of silence followed. Then, the

names of the 72 law enforcement and fire personnel  lost that day were read by a cadre of officers.

The tribute was organized by Sgt. Miguel Torres with Lt. Andrew Jenks ‘ assistance. (Andrew Jenks, above, center.)

(Left to right: Officers . Selene Corrales, Daniel Lee,

Ian Torley, Jim Trudeau, and Israel Corrales.)

Beards for Jorge: The Glendale Police Honor Jorge Acevedo

Jorge Acevedo is one of the enduring institutions at the Glendale Police Department. Jorge became a volunteer 17 years ago and has done just about every job there is.  He is unwavering cheerful, despite his disability and confinement to a wheel chair. Jorge was the innocent victim of a drive by shooting.  He was preparing himself to be a police officer. Since the shooting Jorge’s mobility has been limited. And, a recent stroke made getting into his home even more difficult. The Department raised money to help Jorge, but fell a tiny bit short. Result: A fundraiser where men could grow beards (for a $50 donation to Jorge’s fund. Women could donate $50 and have beards painted on their nails. The result? Please watch this very heart warming video:

Captain Mike Rock Celebrates 35 years!

Captain Rock has reason to celebrate. Thirty five years is a long time to be an active police officer. We asked for a few words about his career.  Here is what he wrote:

I have enjoyed a very full and rewarding career.  I am honored to have worked with some of the finest police officers and professional staff in law enforcement.  I consider, and have always considered, the Glendale Police Department to be one of the most professional police organizations in America.

I came to California and joined the Glendale Police Department on the heels of the largest municipal layoffs in US history, when New York City was on the verge of bankruptcy.  Glendale was advertising nationwide and I saw their fliers at career day at Fordham University in the Bronx, and in the squad room of the 30PCT of NYPD.  I joined in 1981 and in 1986 my hiring list number was recalled by NYPD.  While I did fly back to re-up my number, I realized I found someplace special in Glendale, and so I stayed and never regretted the decision.

Highlights…graduating the USC Delinquency Control Institute in 1990, FBI National Academy in 1995, California Command College in 2000

Perhaps a shining moment for me was on the heels of 911, when the airspace restriction was lifted, Chief Siverling allowed me to fly back home to NYC and present the NYPD a check for $10,000 to the NYPD widows and orphans of the 911 attacks.  The money came from the Glendale Police Officers Association and the men and women of this Department.  I stood at PBA Headquarters downtown and handed them the check and I was just so proud of this Department.  I told them this is from “your brothers and sisters in blue from Glendale CA, to the NYPD family during your hour of need.”   They were touched.   I then went to ground zero to watch the recovery efforts and I was again incredibly proud of all first responders regardless of the patch we wear.   I couldn’t imagine a finer profession to devote your working life to.”


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