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Glendale Police Foundation


Glendale Police Foundation

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Robert M. Castro, Chief of Police


The Glendale Police Foundation provides funding to:

  1. Bullet  Support Glendale Police Department operations and promote public safety.

  2. Bullet   Strengthen community/police partnerships.

  3. Bullet   Encourage innovations.

  4. Bullet   Promote officer safety.

  5. Bullet   Recognize and honor heroism, valor, and outstanding achievements.

The FBI released a recent report naming Glendale one of the safest cities in the nation.  This doesn’t happen by magic. Each year, our Police Department is asked to do more for public safety with fewer officers and less funding. Result:  Your donations provide the tools, training, technology and equipment that might otherwise go unfunded. Together, we are keeping Glendale safe. Won’t you donate today?

Top 25 Safest Cities in US

According to the Business Insider, Glendale was number  three in the Top 25 Safest Cities to Live In. In fact 11 California cities made it to the list! And, California outscored every other state in the nation.

2: Thousand Oaks

3: Glendale

5: Orange

7: Sunnyvale

10: Torrance

9: 11: Santa Clara

13: Corona

15: Carlsbad

16: Burbank

20: Temecula

21: Roseville

Want to thank someone for this safe city?  Try the Glendale Police Department. They work 24/7 to keep us safe and secure.  Want to help? Donate to the Glendale Police Foundation.

Prop 57

This information comes from the  Association of Deputy District Attorneys. They oppose Prop 57 because they feel it will add more unwanted felons and other criminals to our cities and counties. For more information, read here.

National Night Out

Tuesday, August Second is the 33rd National Night Out!  It’s a time when neighbors gather together to share strategies to help keep Glendale safe from crime. It’s a great time to get to know your neighbors, share in a block party or cookout or just relax with friends.

There are countless events going on about the city. Nibley Park will be
the site of the Rossmoyne/Mountain Home Owners Association--one the the larger events. There are also large gatherings in south Glendale, Montrose and Crescenta Valley. If you are thinking about hosting an event and would like a member of the Glendale Police Department to drop by and help welcome your guests, go to register your event. Or, you’ll find a listing of events near you. In addition, the City of Glendale website ( also has a listing of sites and more information. Or contact the Crime Impact Team at 818-548-4015.  See you around!

Glendale Man Robs Bank Twice in One Day

A man approached a teller with a note demanding money at Burbank’s Chase Bank on N. Fernando Blvd. on July 25, 2016. He then robbed the bank again bank on the same day.

On July 28, Burbank Police  Officers arrested 20-year old Patrick and another man at Vertani’s home on Spazier Ave. Vertani charged with two counts of robbery and is being held on $200,000 bail.

There was a lot of evidence linking Vertani to the robberies, including the clothing Ventani had worn and nearly all the  currency stolen.


Glendale Police Foundation Website

This is the Glendale Police Foundation site. We support and are endorsed by the Glendale Police Department.

To contact the GPD, call (818) 548-4840 or use this link Call 911 in an emergency.

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