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Glendale Police Foundation


Glendale Police Foundation

PO Box 10142

Glendale, CA 91209-0142

Robert M. Castro, Chief of Police


The Glendale Police Foundation provides funding to:

  1. Bullet  Support Glendale Police Department operations and promote public safety.

  2. Bullet   Strengthen community/police partnerships.

  3. Bullet   Encourage innovations.

  4. Bullet   Promote officer safety.

  5. Bullet   Recognize and honor heroism, valor, and outstanding achievements.

The FBI released a recent report naming Glendale one of the safest cities in the nation.  This doesn’t happen by magic. Each year, our Police Department is asked to do more for public safety with fewer officers and less funding. Result:  Your donations provide the tools, training, technology and equipment that might otherwise go unfunded. Together, we are keeping Glendale safe. Won’t you donate today?

2016 Glendale Police Awards Luncheon

  1. Sponsors make our Annual Luncheon even more special.  Your sponsorship helps us recognize those who serve us 24/7. And, we love seeing your name in lights—sponsoring is good corporate citizenship as well.  So, get a leg up on your competition. Review

  2. the sponsorship materials here.

2016 Police Unity Tour

Once again, the GPF will help sponsor the 2016 Police Unity Tour. The tour is held during National Police Week.  This year, the “ride for those who died” will be May 9-12.  Our cadre of riders will once again, miss Mother’s Day at home.  But the sacrifice to show honor to those who fell in the line of duty is made freely. Those riding include Officer Will Estrada, Officer Vincent Jackson, and others.

The mission of the tour is to raise awareness of the law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty.  The secondary purpose is to raise funds for the National Law Enforcement officers Memorial and Museum.

The ride will start at the World Trade Center in New York City, and end at the National Police Memorial in Washington, D.C.  All riders must earn $1,800 in order to ride. Then they must pay their expenses flying to New York City and back, along with meals, hotels and all the extras. 

Our team has the honor of riding with Chapter 37, which is the group of first responders during the September 11 attack on the Trade Center.  The “37” stands for the 37 officers who perished on September 11.

Every 61 hours  an officer is killed in the line of duty.  In 2015, 123 names were added to the wall.  This year, 252 names have already been inscribed. Since the first line of duty death in 1791, over 20,000 police officers have made the ultimate sacrifice.

If you would like to contribute to the annual ride, go to the “donate” page (use button at right) to make your contribution.

Matt Wilson and Duke

You met Officer Matt Wilson, the new dog handler  earlier on the site.  But now that Duke has his sea legs and has made contributions to the K-9 Unit, we can show you his picture. Please welcome Duke, a two-year old Belgian Malinoise, who recently joined the K-9 Unit.


Glendale Police Foundation Website

This is the Glendale Police Foundation site. We support and are endorsed by the Glendale Police Department.

To contact the GPD, call (818) 548-4840 or use this link Call 911 in an emergency.

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